The studio “Making” is part of Sydney’s University of Technology architectural design first-year undergraduate course and aims to introduce students to fabrication as part of a design process. As a studio tutor under the overall coordination of Joanne Kinniburgh, my role involved teaching students the design potentials of diverse structural, material and organisational approaches in architecture.

The overall course focussed on analysing the relationships between structure, materiality and performance in existing buildings to explore new architectural outcomes. The studio sat within the first-year curriculum focused on fabrication techniques and representational processes aimed at making material objects at a range of scales. The pedagogical aims within the studio involved understand the impact of structure and material on form, and to use drawing, modelling, and material investigations as part of a design process. The Making studio occurred alongside a communications course that tied the spatial thinking through making taught in the studio to technical skills required for computer-based image-making.

Yvette Salmon Yvette Salmon’s intervention into the Berlin Museum.

Joel Spring Joel Spring’s insertion into the Berlin Jewish Museum.

Nick Duggan Nick Duggan’s adaption of the Sendai Mediatheque.

Issac Harrisons Isaac Harrisons intervention into the Fondation Cartier building.