ABC Opened

Public Space

The "ABC Opened" project was a collaboration with William Cooper and reimagined Sydney's ABC building. The proposal responded to the security measures that led to the public closure of the ABC foyer. We questioned the building's performance and created an "ABC Opened" building plan that aligned with the "ABC Open" marketing slogan. Our design reopened the entire ground level to the public, providing new recreational areas and opportunities for media engagement, while also ensuring secure access for ABC employees from underneath. The adapted building created two new public domains in Sydney, one at ground level connecting parts of Ultimo, and a community loop on the third floor housing archives, studios, a library, and a café. The scheme proposed a future where audiences could intimately engage with news and broadcasting, fostering a sense of participation in both media content and its production.

The new ABC site provides more public space, similar to its Tafe neighbour.
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