Bondi Station

Public Space

The Hex Building is a speculative project, envisioning the architectural potential of a new train station in Bondi, Australia. The design, developed in collaboration with Nicholas Malyon, Leonardo Quinones, and Oliver Petrie, explores the impacts of rail infrastructure on the urban context and future beach suburbs in Sydney. It introduces coastal densification strategies to mitigate environmental, public health, and food access issues associated with population growth and low-density urban planning. The proposed station is a hub for work and life, blending retail, market, and civic functions to cater to both transient and permanent activities. The design focuses on creating new public spaces, enhancing pedestrian routes and providing a balance between the beach attraction and the densified suburb. This project promotes a future where residents can live and work next to the beautiful Bondi beach.

Looking into the public square and station.
Corner of the Market.
Desire Line Deformation Grid
Key Organisation Moves
Short section through the public square.
Ground floor plan.
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