Ice Magic

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Ice magic was a project worked on during my time with [supermanoeuvre](https://www.supermanoeuvre.com/). Supermanoeuvre were invited by [Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences](https://maas.museum/) to interpret an object from their collection for an event called "Eat the Collection", the only stipulation being was it had to be a 3d printed object....from chocolate. The chosen object was a mechanical drawing machine; the outcome was an algorithmically generated 3d line which traced a modelled ice cube.

The final chocolate artefact resulted from an interplay between the traced line of the 3d printer and the material behaviour of the molten chocolate. This approach required manipulating the printer to deposit material in x,y,z space rather than a typical layering in the z-axis. The chocolate was deposited onto an ice scaffold to negotiate the behaviour of the chocolate, allowing it to cool quickly and adopt a static position in space.\