Metabolic Weave

Material Experiment

"Metabolic Weave" is a study into weaving 3mm plywood to understand its structural and expressive potential. The project used identical timber elements to create varied visual effects and structures, responding to "mass customisation" and financial constraints of digital fabrication in Sydney. Taking Gottfried Semper’s theory of Metabolism as a base, the project created a structural unit for a larger structure. Semper's theory categorises architecture based on materials and their usage, grouping them by physical manipulation techniques and assembly methods. The project chose stick-like elements and aimed to explore two assembly techniques, resulting in a versatile building unit capable of transitioning between both assemblies.

![Urban Pollen](/assets/images/posts/Mweave_4.jpg){:class="img-responsive"}

![Urban Pollen](/assets/images/posts/Mweave_5.jpg){:class="img-responsive"}

![Urban Pollen](/assets/images/posts/Mweave_6.jpg){:class="img-responsive"}

![Urban Pollen](/assets/images/posts/Mweave_7.jpg){:class="img-responsive"}

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