Plane to See

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Plane To See is a portable stand designed to demonstrate the technology of [Organic Response](https://www.organicresponse.com/). Completed when working for supermanoeuvre, the brief required a foldable and transportable stand that was capable of housing a standard light fitting, and demonstrate the ability of the OR [sensor node](https://www.organicresponse.com/technology/). Supermanoeuvre's approach developed an origami-like folded form using Dibond aluminium sandwich panels, but shaped to nest for  storage.

The project utilised Rhino 3D to calculate the intricate intersecting geometry of planar surfaces. The stand consisted of a series of connected parts fabricated using CNC routing to cut and to control the angle of scored folding. These folded edges allowed concealed adhesion of the separate parts, with permanent nut/bolt fixings used to secure the assembled four pieces.