Water Table

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The project Water Table proposed an aquatic centre for the City of Sydney Council sited at Green Square's Guyama Park. Completed as part of a competition team at [supermanoeuvre](http://www.supermanoeuvre.com/), the building and landscape used circulation through gravity and topography as a driver for developing form.

The aquatic centre formed around the novel idea of a rooftop Olympic sized pool, surrounded by a series of smaller therapeutic pools that visually connected to the surrounding park.

In response to the required water recycling plant stipulated in the competition brief, the design team proposed a water skirt around the building to help control the climate of the building and provide a striking aesthetic. In addition, the water skirt had a secondary role as a source of communication with the park using droplet technology pioneered by [Carlo Ratti Associates](https://carloratti.com/project/digital-water-pavilion/). The team expected most competition entries to locate their building in the middle of the park and block access, and this was indeed the case. Our alternative approach was to stack and lift the pools above the park to allow physical connection and flow between both sides of the park.

The proposed park organised around the notion of temporal activation by attracting activity, and therefore, passive surveillance, across the day and night. The landscape arranged activity through varying topography and the control of water access across the site. Undulating ground shaped space of water play and vegetation growth, gradually flattening to create dry areas for sporting activities. The shift from a perceived natural landscape to one purposefully formed fro human use incorporated different moments of play, for all ages. Rather than inserting discrete functional spaces, the designed landscape provided variations in surface angles and materials that could cater to different activities and stimulate new uses.