Reading Before Prompting

Step aside Virtual Reality and Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence is now the king of hype. As ever, Neil Leach provides a thought provoking lecture in which he summarises AI in Architecture; all through the Digital Learning Futures You Tube page.

On the back of my PhD thesis about Architecture and data, I’m currently fighting the Instagram FOMO and urge to become part of a new wave of “prompt engineers” using General Adversarial Network (GANS) diffusion tools such as Midjourny, DALL-E or Dream Studio. While the prompt tools are a lot of fun, it remains to be seen if these tools will result in new types of real world material forms, as opposed to speculative pixel based images. Before I join the prompt hype I’m aiming to read the literature mentioned in Leach’s lecture. I have included a list below to whet your appetite.

Ai in Architecture and Design

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AI and Society

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